Acolism Press: We are to help you for publication

Acolism Press: We are to help you for publication

Acolism Press was initially established for an internal purpose of Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing (STBA) Sebelas April Sumedang. Our school  regularly helds national conference which invites many researchers, lecturers, students and people who concern with language and tourism. The national event is Annual Conference on Language and Tourism. The result of the conference was collected in the proceeding. We, then, think to complete our proceeding with International Standard Book Number (ISBN). To meet our wish, we made the publisher. We named Acolism Press to remember that the event is our main purpose.

STBA Sebelas April Sumedang turned into Faculty of Ilmu Budaya (FIB) in Universitas Sebelas April. As a part of university, our mission remains the same. We help the academician to publish their masterpiece.  Since 2019, we have already published two books.

Our office in Faculty of Ilmu Budaya building, Universitas Sebelas April, Sumedang, West Java Province, Indonesia. We open the cooperation from Indonesia or other countries in publishing the academic publication.










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